From 2012 to 2018, I was the Secretary-General of NEON, the European network of energy dispute-resolution services and ombudsmen. I launched the network and was leading the association in its advocacy, lobbying, and European public affairs activities.

NEON focuses on Alternative dispute resolution (ADR) in the Energy sector at EU-level.

With the support from the members, I set up the work programme and I led the organisation in the following activities:

  • Advocacy and Policy: I wrote and presented reports, policy, consultation papers and press releases about ADR mechanisms, the retail energy market, consumer protection and price monitoring;
  • Public Affairs: I ensured external and public representation of NEON; organised stakeholders events and conferences, managed the communication tools (copywriting) and recruited new members;
  • Analysis and Expertise in Energy, ADR, and Consumer protection: I managed and monitored strategic data on energy, ADR and consumer protection and, identified best practices.

From an informal network of like-minded people, NEON became a respected stakeholder in the Brussels landscape, in particular during the negotiations leading to the adoption of the Clean Energy Package. During these years, I advocated for the rights of consumers, the defence of the most vulnerable, and the access to free energy dispute resolution services.

I was part of the European Commission working group on Vulnerable Consumers (2013-2016), the PEER network, and several work groups set up by the European Commission and stakeholders.

Thanks to my expertise and experience, I have been regularly invited to speak at external events, such as the Energy Poverty Observatory launch event; and advise organisations and governments on strategies to adopt to improve consumer protection in the energy sector.


Published by Marine Cornelis

Marine Cornelis is an #EUClimatePact Ambassador and the 
Founder of Next Energy Consumer. She's a consultant and policy-shaker building bridges between people, scientists and policymakers, in energy and climate transitions

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