Just transition course

I am providing tailor-made training courses on the social aspects of the energy and climate transition and what it means to build a “Just Transition”.
Why should energy consumer rights be more extended than others? What is Europe doing to combat energy poverty? How are these policies financed? What is the “Just Transition Fund”? What is the Green New Deal? What are the trends for the coming years? How do research and innovation fuel Europe’s strategic thinking? What are the legal implications?
Energy policy is a geostrategic issue for the entire European continent. The European Union is at the forefront of the fight against climate change and is moving towards more responsible uses of energy, particularly from renewable sources. The “Energy Union” project defended and adopted in the previous legislature is, therefore, a good example of the scale of European ambitions.

European citizens want and expect Europe to act on climate and environment. But they also need affordable, clean and secure energy. They need to be skilled to work in the jobs of tomorrow. They need to commute to those new jobs or be connected from home. And we have to make sure that those needs are fulfilled in a sustainable way.

We need a generational transition towards climate neutrality by mid-century. But this transition must be just and inclusive – or it will not happen at all.

However, energy is an area where competences are shared between the Union and the Member States (subsidiarity principle). Initial ambitions are therefore difficult to translate into fully integrated policies, as shown by the National Energy and Climate Plans.
This course aims to give an overview of the European decision-making process and build bridges between research and issues that require global response and leadership.
Course proposal:
1. European energy policies (wholesale energy markets, trends)
2. European policies on the retail energy market and social aspects of climate transition (e.g. change in the world of work, energy poverty)
3. Sustainable finance and European research policies and innovation in the energy/environmental field
4. Sustainable Development Goals, the challenges of the Paris Agreement and its legal impact