Green New Deal and Clean Energy Courses

I am providing tailor-made and specialised training courses on the new “Clean Energy for all Europeans” package and the Green New Deal.

To that purpose, I organise ad-hoc sessions for companies that can be affected by these changes directly or indirectly and that are interested in understanding in more detail the issues of the new package. Those companies, for instance, are SMEs, industries, banks and financial stakeholders.

The energy sector, its production and management, but also its financing, has shifted radically as a result of climate change, innovations related to digitisation, the creation of energy communities, ambitious targets in the field of renewable energy, decarbonisation and energy efficiency. In this phase of transformation, the consumer is put “at the centre”.

The energy sector, and in particular the clean energy sector, today represents a fundamental area of development whose transformations will have transversal impacts in the coming years in various sectors and markets. The creation of a Green New Deal is now at the heart of the European project. Understanding its transformations and the rules adopted by the European Union is essential to the structuring of future business strategies.

The issues addressed concern various areas, including the transformation of energy markets, the impact of measures taken at European level on companies, smart networks, integration of renewable energy, the role of citizens as producers and consumers. The European Green Deal is imperative for the health of our planet and our peoples – and for our economy. The European Green Deal is our new growth strategy. It will help us reduce emissions and create jobs. At the heart of it will be an industrial strategy that will enable our businesses – large and small – to innovate and develop new technologies while creating new markets. Major investments will be needed in innovation, research, infrastructure, housing and training of people. It will require public and private investment – at European and national level. That is why I propose to prepare your company for these changes and become pioneers in this field.

The more prepared you are, the faster you move, the greater the benefit for your customers, your competitiveness and your prosperity.

The course can be adapted to the needs of the recipients and can focus on different aspects with a theoretical or practical focus according to the needs and uses a network of national and international experts from academia, as well as professionals and experts in regulation and energy policies.