Access to justice for energy consumers: joining the gaps with the support of the Ombuds

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Our Just Energy project (2017-2021) is located at the crossroads between academia and practice. To engage with the real world and to hopefully build an impact, we have looked at the situation in five European jurisdictions: the UK, France, Italy, Bulgaria and Catalonia. We chose those jurisdictions because of their different…

Local challenges & solutions for those living in vulnerable situations in the French countryside

Originally posted on ESRCjustenergy:
The justenergy research project aims to explore areas where policy, energy poverty and vulnerability intersect, in part, to gain a better understanding of ‘lived vulnerability’. To probe beyond the laws and regulations that define the relationships between energy systems and energy consumers, we have arranged to visit people in their homes.[1]…

Energy consumer protection at the time of Coronavirus: a case study

The COVID-19 outbreak makes us face an unprecedented situation. Our consumption and social model needs to be reinvented. Governments seem to have decided not to add to the health crisis a social catastrophe that would leave too many people out in the cold. In this paper, I explore the first support measures for energy consumers set up in five countries: Italy, France, Belgium, Spain and the United Kingdom. 

Just Energy World Cafe Institute for Advanced Legal Studies 15 March 2019

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On Friday 15th March we invited some of the participants from our study to our world cafe event at the Institute for Advanced Legal Studies. The World Cafe concept (sometimes referred to as a ‘knowledge cafe’) is a method for information sharing in groups of all sizes, backgrounds, and generations. Our…