The COST Engager network brings together energy poverty academics and experts.

The coronavirus outbreak shows once more that energy and energy services are essential ingredients to a safe, healthy, and decent life. Therefore, we call for an informed European debate on a right to energy and energy services. This should be accompanied by solid scientific actions on how to deal with the current situation, how to prepare for the aftermath and how to foster the evolution towards a new normal where energy poverty is kept off, with the aim to consolidate it in an innovative Energy Solidarity Pact.

We call for a solidarity pact to set up the Right to energy:

  1. In the short term, ​governments urgently need to maintain and even increase economic and social support measures for the most vulnerable.
  2. Affordable energy prices are necessary​, not only for vulnerable consumers.
  3. We call for a ban on energy disconnections​.
  4. Housing quality is one of the most pressing issues. The proposed Renovation Wave should be fair and inclusive, to guarantee that even the poorest live in efficient homes.

A solidarity pact with energy poverty will contribute to an improved green and social resilience of European societies that should consider energy as an essential service and a common good, as are healthcare, education and housing.

Read here the Call for Action the COST Engager network put together on energy poverty and the coronavirus crisis.

Published by Marine Cornelis

Marine Cornelis is an #EUClimatePact Ambassador and the 
Founder of Next Energy Consumer. She's a consultant and policy-shaker building bridges between people, scientists and policymakers, in energy and climate transitions

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